Programmable Microcontrollers: Applications on the MSP432 LaunchPad




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Develop and Deploy Powerful MSP432 Microcontroller Applications

Bolster your electronics skills and learn to work with the cutting-edge MSP432 microcontroller using the practical information contained in this comprehensive guide. Programmable Microcontrollers: Applications on the MSP432 LaunchPad clearly explains each concept and features detailed illustrations, real-world examples, and DIY projects. Discover how to configure the MSP432, program custom functions, interface with external hardware, and communicate via WiFi. Ideal for practicing engineers and hobbyists alike, this hands-on guide empowers you to program all microcontrollers by thoroughly understanding the MSP432.

Coverage includes:

MSP432 architecture

Code Composer Studio (CCS)

CCS Cloud and Energia

MSP432 programming with C and Assembly

Digital I/O

Exceptions and interrupts

Power management and timing operations

Mixed signal systems

Digital and wireless communication

Flash memory, RAM, and direct memory access

Real-time operating system

Advanced applications

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